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Our pricing will be dependent upon the requirements of your event . Please use the contact form below and we will reply to you with a quote at our earliest convenience.

 Q1          How much does it cost to book Sono Showband?

If there is a first dance/entrance/special song(s) that you would like to hear at your event please let us know and we will look into learning this for you. Please also note that the band have worked through tried and tested set lists which will be suitable for any part of your event.

 Q2          Will you learn any songs that we want you to play?

So long as your venue has an electrical input then this should not be a problem. Sono provide their own PA system along with an on site sound engineer to control the volume levels of each musician and this will avoid any  awkward moments such as feedback during a song or speech. If needed, we are also able to provide you with additional performance enhancements such as lighting and staging which will be considered when providing you with a quote.

 Q3          Will our venue have the equipment that you need?

Sono consists of a pool of professional musicians who are willing to travel anywhere within the UK and overseas. The band members have plenty of international experience and have performed for diverse audiences in countries all over the world.

 Q4          How far will you travel?

Please feel free to head over to our VIDEO/SOUND page to look and listen to the band. This will provide you with an idea of how Sono sound and will help to put your mind at ease prior to booking the band. We can guarantee that our performance for your event will be tailored to meet your demands and bring you exactly the type of entertainment that you're looking for.

 Q5          Where can we hear you play?

Please visit the CONTACT page and fill in the booking form to provide us with information about your event so that we will be able to provide you with a quote. Once you have agreed on everything that is ideal for your event we can then provide with confirmation that will guarantee your booking

 Q6          We like the way you sound, we like the way you look, how do we book you?